We have been led to believe that we should expect pain as we age.
That the reason for pain is age.
Our movement habits and life habits can be the reason for discomfort.
The exciting news is that with body awareness and a few small changes to movement and lifestyle we can feel like we are in a whole new body!

Covid 19 Protocols
Our in person lessons are private one on one lessons. Student and teacher wear masks and are physically distanced. Students bring their own small equipment, mats, blocks, balls, yoga straps. Large Pilates equipment and high touch areas are disinfected before and after each client use. The large studio windows are opened for a full fifteen minutes to allow a cross breeze that completely changes the air. Students are required to complete a Covid questionnaire each time they come to the studio.

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How you move every day makes the greatest impact on your body.
I help you find your movement blind spots. You may be bypassing some muscles and over using others. This may cause you pain or movement dysfunction. I help you get those offline muscles back to work.
I offer solutions in a variety of modalities and price ranges from private sessions on Zoom or in person to weekly group classes on Zoom. I routinely offer a 4 or 6 week course on a particular theme. Join the mailing list to stay informed of upcoming classes.


I began my movement study as classical singer. I wanted to know my body, and how to recognize and control tension habits. My instrument lived within my body and excess tension affected my performance. My introduction into the movement world was Mitzvah technique. I learned how to get out of my head, and being in my body became a meditation. A need to rebuild muscle strength after an illness led me to Pilates. I certified as a Pilates instructor at www.sinclairstudio.com in 2003. I began studying biomechanics and whole body alignment with Nutritiousmovement.com. receiving my Restorative Exercise Specialist Certificate in 2018.
I love helping people feel comfortable and capable in their bodies.


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